Lynn Bonetti







PhD student within the NextImmune PhD Training Programme, MSc
Department of Infection and Immunity

+352 26 970 379

Lynn Bonetti obtained her Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at the Free University of Brussels and further specialized in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology for her Master’s studies. In 2016, she finalized her Master’s Thesis in the field of Immunology in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM) lead by Prof. Muriel Moser at the Free University of Brussels, where she studied the role of TNFα in the regulation of inflammation associated with adipose tissue during obesity. During her cursus, Lynn Bonetti, also had the opportunity to carry out internships in the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Cancer Biology (LBMCC) in Luxembourg and the Tenovus Research Laboratory in Southampton (UK) in the group of Prof Aymen Al-Shamkhani.

Lynn is a PhD student in ‘Experimental & Molecular Immunology’ lab of LIH and the ’Immunology & Genetics’ lab at LCSB of the University of Luxembourg.​ ​Currently, her project focusses on the role of Reactive Oxygen Species in T cells during the pathogenesis of gastro-intestinal bacterial infections.


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